The Three Best Friends

Welcome to our third blog post on Gottshot and it really had to be all about these three! ‘Queen’ Sofia, ‘Handsome Prince’ Bo and ‘The Cat Princess’ Jemima.

Sometimes in life you meet people who you just click with. They get you and you get them. That’s when the magic begins, you become best friends! I’m not a girl of many words, many photos yes, but words don’t come as easy. That’s why shoots like this mean the world to me. Memories which stay with us forever.

These three have been best friends since they met, Jemima still insists Bo will marry Sofia too. With that said Bo’s cuddles can sometimes be a little over powering for poor Sofia.

Things are always better with friends so when we decided to hold our own little tea party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday, it only seemed right to get the crew together.

With a Disney Princess tea set, strawberries, cupcakes, cornflakes and a tub of Dr Oetker Easy Choc, all from Tesco, we created this marvellous mini feast fit for a Princess or Prince or Queen for that matter. Needless to say the end result ended with four (including baby George) very happy children, a great set of photos and a whole lot of chocolatey mess!

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