Welcome to Gottshot, a platform showcasing the edgiest of kids fashion, stylish womenswear, our pick of beauty products, children’s accessories and not to mention our much loved homeware and house details. All under one roof. We are a modern family who loves to dress up, get creative and have fun whilst doing it! We have been described as a ‘fashion bible for the modern family’.




The princess of the family. A super clever fun loving girl, with an eye for anything pink and blue. Jemima loves to pick her own outfits including accessories and can usually be seen with a My Little Pony in tow and not to mention eating her weight in Strawberries.



is one crazy cute little monkey. He’s energetic, sweet, (he loves his cuddles) and he loves to wear a good hat or two or three. He can usually be seen pretending to save us from the jungle monster or settled down to watch a good bit of the Ninja Turtles.



Em or Mama which ever you prefer, even though Mama is probably the most used. I love everything fashion, everything photography and everything kids. I often get creative and style pretty much everything but I’m also a little bit of a perfectionist, to my kids dismay. I come from a background in Fashion photography (having a BA Hons in photography) so it only felt natural to mix this into my everyday life. I enjoy fitness, the occasional film/series, good food but not my own as cooking isn’t quite my fortay (even though I do try) and I believe everything happens for a reason!