When life gives you Lemons!

I actually can’t believe how long it’s been, again, since i’ve written a blog post. Well i’m here and maybe i’ll bring this back if people still read blogs anymore? I felt like this shoot deserved a little write up as there’s only so much an instagram caption can include so here goes.

I bought my Lemon dress about a year ago from H&M, (they do actually still have a few items in this print in the sale at the moment, I also have the shorts) and it has been one of my favourites. Cheap comfortable and pretty. At the time Jemima loved it too and kept asking for the same dress but of course they didn’t have it in the kids section. They had a colourful dress with Lemons on but it just wasn’t the same for her and she hasn’t really worn it much.

Anyway skip on a year later and Jemima has found a love for jumpsuits, black clothing and eating Lemons. I found myself browsing the H&M website to find her a new jumpsuit and look what I found… A print so similar to the dress of mine she loved so much. I’ll link it HERE for anyone that is interested.

Without sounding ridiculous ha, it was meant to be. She loves it and has already got so much wear out of it. I of course had to get my dress out to match her and here are the results. I let her be creative with the shoot and she said we had to use real Lemons, so that’s just what we did.

They also have trousers available in this print in the kids section which we are thinking about getting too! So when life gives you Lemons… Wear them 😉 or you could always just eat them like Jemima 😂!

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